What are the general contractor’s services?

The general contractor is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the construction site, the management of trading operations, and the transmission of information to all parties involved throughout the construction project implementation. The services of the general contractor include various operations and tasks.

Що входить в послуги генерального підрядника?

The general contractor is the construction superintendent hired by the client. Depending on the project implementation method, the contractor submits a fixed price offer or an application that includes its price cost and freight. The general contractor reviews the overhead charges, general conditions, materials and equipment, and labour costs in order to inform the owner of the estimated cost of the project.

Contractor responsibilities

The general contractor’s services include the provision of all materials, labour power, equipment, such as engineering machinery and tools, and services required for the building of the facility. The general contractor often hires specialized subcontractors to perform all or part of the construction works. When using subcontractors, the general contractor is responsible for the quality of all works performed by each hired person separately and by all of them together.

The responsibilities of the general contractor may include:

  • Applying for a building permit;
  • Consulting the client by whom it is hired;
  • Ensuring the security of property;
  • Provision of temporary utilities on site;
  • Personnel management on the site;
  • Provision of geodetic and engineering works;
  • Removal or recycling of construction waste;

General contractors often do the construction work themselves. As they gain experience, they learn about various aspects of construction, including masonry, carpentry, plumbing and so on. General contractors communicate with subcontractors at the beginning of the activity and can gain the management skills they need to manage their own company.

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