Activities of the PBF Group general contractor

The general contractor performs a lot of tasks, regardless of whether you are building premises, infrastructure or both. Large-scale construction is a mixture of many small projects, the management of which is part of the general contractor’ activities.


Effective planning is an important part of project management. Planning, budget, site safety, availability and delivery of quality materials, staff, logistics, compliance with local and national standards – all this and so much more must be taken into account when managing a project.

Діяльність генерального підрядника ПБФ Груп

Understanding the needs of your business and project is paramount for PBF Group. This is necessary so that we can determine how best to add value to your construction projects. With years of experience and quality knowledge in construction and related engineering, we have a wide range of services to provide comprehensive projects solutions on time, on budget, safely and as required.

Our services will be useful at all stages of project implementation. PBF Group conducts feasibility studies for construction, risk assessment and management research.

What else is included in the activities of a general contractor?

It is only part of the story. Another set of construction services relates to the equipment, tools and technology that we use on site. PSF Group has its own fleet of specialized equipment for various construction works. This guarantees high speed of work and independence from subcontractors.

The general contractor’s activities are aimed at taking full responsibility for the construction of a large facility. The contractor controls the work of smaller subcontractors and is accountable to the client for the results of their work. PBF Group has extensive experience in large-scale construction, our buildings have been successfully commissioned, and the clients are ready to provide positive recommendations.

Except for the general contracting, the company provides the following construction services:

  • Turnkey cottages building;
  • Monolithic works;
  • Earthworks;
  • Engineering systems installation;
  • Making of concrete cap and plastering Engineering systems installation;
  • Waterproofing works;
  • Site improvements;
  • Paperwork, handover of facilities.