Waterproofing works

Every building and structure need moisture protection.

Moisture protection works are a set of measures for applying a protective layer on concrete, brick, wood and other materials. Waterproofing of roofs, basements, walls, facades, foundations, underground parking lots and other elements of residential construction is required according to the client’s project.

Various materials are used for protection – mastics, harnesses, dry mixes with water-repellent properties, metal and polymer sheets, rolled materials, polyurethane foam and much more. After application or laying, the waterproofing must retain water or prevent its penetration, be durable, resistant to mechanical and temperature effects, aggressive environments, suitable for repair.

Our team of waterproofing specialists will carry out treatment on construction sites to prevent water leakage or penetration into the premises, condensation on the walls, which will extend the durability of the building and ensure the reliability of structures prone to corrosion.