General construction contractor

We offer general contractor services and seek cooperation on ambitious housebuilding projects.

Housebuilding is a complex process involving a large number of employees from dozens of organizations. Implementation of projects of this level of complexity and responsibility is impossible without professional, competent control and coordination from a single centre.

The general contractor is an integral part of the supervisory authority, which is responsible for all stages of building, operation schedule compliance, timely delivery of materials, downtime avoidance and solution of unforeseen situations, building safety, quality and performance of contractors and compliance with other contractual obligations.

The general contractor’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • Turnkey design and construction
  • Subcontractors sourcing and their work management
  • Building safety
  • Handover of the finished facility to the client.

It is important to select an experienced and competent general contractor so that the project is implemented in the best possible way in a timely manner.