Residential complex “Svitlo Park”

Ukraine, Kyiv, Naddniprianske Highway, 2 ‘а’


Our company has been the general contractor for the construction of a large-scale and multidisciplinary residential complex SVITLO PARK, which is under construction since the end of 2018. In fact, the facility is a mini-town consisting of 32 10-26-storey houses covering an area of over 20 hectares. Except for the housing, the complex includes a modern school, 9 kindergartens, a children’s development centre, a supermarket, a hospital, sports- and playgrounds, underground parking lot for 1,604 car-places, guest parking for 1,505 places, running and bicycle paths, and equipped recreation areas.


The residential complex is located in a picturesque area near the Dnieper, not far from two lakes and Kyiv waterfall. Nearby, there is the Stolychne Highway. The complex borders Lysa Hora residential district.


During construction, cast-in-place concrete frame technology is used, the walls are made of bricks and gas concrete blocks, facades are insulated with slab wool, saving money on heating the buildings. Upon completion of the construction, 7,554 apartments are to be commissioned, with developed infrastructure and improved mini-town territory.

Площадь зем. участка

Land plot area

20,2 ha

Количество домов

Number of houses


Количество квартир

Number of apartments



Number of storeys


Сдача в эксплуатацию


since Q4 2018